IPv6 Subnet Calculator - Tool v3.5.0.0

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Released: Aug 8, 2016
Updated: Feb 4, 2017 by ygvn
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Release Notes

Executable FileName: IPv6SubnetCalculator_v3.5.0.0.exe
C:\> certutil -hashfile IPv6SubnetCalculator_v3.5.0.0.exe MD5
ExeFile MD5: e3 b3 f7 85 82 c8 64 55 10 ff 6b 2b 5f 7d 9c f4

Zip FileName: IPv6SubnetCalculator_v3.5.0.0_CSharpSource_noEXE.zip
C:\> certutil -hashfile IPv6SubnetCalculator_v3.5.0.0_CSharpSource_noEXE.zip MD5
ZipFile MD5: cb c4 e9 e0 d2 33 15 24 2f ee 64 b3 e0 93 ab 33
  • Added statistical / utilization information about the assigned prefixes.
    • Note: Assigned prefixes must be found in the database.
  • Added 'Find prefix' menu item.
    • You can search for a prefix inside the (Start - End) interval of any size.
  • Starting with version, the end address of the prefix will not be shown inside the listboxes. IPv6 addresses are displayed in 'compressed' form.
  • Added 'compress/uncompress' IPv6 Address menu item under Tools.
  • Bug fixes
  • Added TreeView object in order to see the sub-levels of the selected prefix in a hierarchical manner.
  • Added MySQL Database Connection support.
    • Store/update/manage IPv6 prefixes with MySQL database server.
    • Tested with MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.3.6
    • Driver Name : MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver
    • DLL Name : myodbc5w.dll
    • You should install and create proper DSN - Data Source Name
  • Added an item to menu to work with selected prefix
  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Added Turkish UI support (No installation or DLL required)
  • Minor improvements
  • Added Tooltip showing Address Type
  • Minor fixes about Fonts (Recommending fixed-width fonts for better view)
  • 128 bits available. You can work with all 128 bits
  • Changing Font feature added
  • Saving Entries feature added. You can save entries as a text file
  • Performance improvements
  • Based on .NET Framework 4
  • Added whois query support.

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